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" Red Sun Software has truly taken our business
to the next level. "

Morgan O., Owner,

How do we build awesome applications?

Start smart, stay agile, finish strong.


Our well-defined process makes it easy to gather your business and technical requirements. We'll help you define your goals, needs, and wants and translate it all into a succinct project plan.





Who We Are

At  Red Sun Software, we are passionate about building simple, versatile, and powerful software solutions. We are agile, we continually strive for innovation, and we use cutting-edge technology. We believe the KEY to creating great software for our clients is communication. It starts with fully understanding your business needs and finishes with a clear picture of your end users. Only then can a coherent path forward be carefully planned and executed. We bring our considerable experience to the table with guidance and knowledge to make your project a success.

Our Approach

Here at Red Sun, we are professionals and we believe a good working environment begins with a good relationship. We like to have fun and we don't take ourselves too seriously, but we always take our customer's business seriously. So, if you aren't happy, neither are we. Our customers find us easy to work with while remaining focused on delivery. Contact us today and find out how we can help you be a success on the web.

" We have been a customer for over 7 years and have
been extremely happy with the quality of the product. "

Beth Roach, COO/CFO NavigateCancer Foundation
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